August – Handbags

Fiona adding some embellishment to her handbag before the felting stage.

One clever lady put a bird on her bag.

Wow Erika did a great job of her bag after declaring she had run out of her wool tops.











  1. Stratie Stratford-Pearn · October 21, 2017

    So pleased that you include me,[ on the West side of the Island] in your postings, and appreciate the projects you are creating. Rob and I will be down in Hobart shortly and we had hoped that our visit coincided with your Group meeting in Kingston, but it will be at the wrong end of the month. Are you working toward the next Guild Exhibition? Between us all we could present quite a wonderful array of felted pieces.


    • tassiefelters · October 22, 2017

      Sorry our meeting doesn’t coincide with your visit. Yes it would be good to have lots of good felting in the Guild exhibition. Jeanette and I have plans for some good felting days so hopefully some good items. We also plan to have our own exhibition later next year. I hope you and Rob might be able to be here for that. Kerrie


      • Stratie Stratford-Pearn · October 23, 2017

        Rob and I will certainly endeavour to be there Kerrie, not sure how things are going yet but we would love to attend and see the work of both yourself and Jeanette.


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